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I’ve wanted to start a project like this for several years now. There’s nothing I like better than reviewing or reading about classic pieces of animation, and since I also enjoy creative writing, I thought a blog would be the perfect way to share the fun! The idea is to celebrate the art behind the animation – this is a place for all animation fans, from the most critical of film buffs to the most nostalgic of twenty-somethings.

I’ve already got plenty of topics lined up for future posts. To start with, I’m going to do a marathon of the entire Disney Classics canon, reviewing and discussing each one of the fifty-six films in detail (despite the slight differences in the UK list, I’ll be using the USA one, so there are indeed fifty-six!). I’ll also offer content reviews for parents who want to start introducing their kids to the films, to help you work out which films are best for which ages. Later on, there will be analyses and rankings (who doesn’t love a good listicle?) on subjects such as the best scenes and songs in individual films/episodes, or on the representations of women and ethnic minorities.

It’s not all going to be about Disney, either! I’ll be offering reviews and rankings of Pixar, DreamWorks and Studio Ghibli films (if you’ve not heard of that last one, you’re in for a real treat!) as well as several films from other studios (including some of the works of Don Bluth and Brad Bird). There will be discussions of more general animation trends and topics, such as the Traditional vs. Computerised debate, and the reasons behind the rise and fall of various studios. I’ll also put up some book reviews from my personal collection of animation titles, in case you want to learn more about your favourite films or studios. So, please, take a seat and get comfortable as we dive into the wonderful world of animation together! I hope you enjoy my work.

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