The Ultimate Disney Canon Quiz

So, you think you’re a Disney fan, do ya?

Know your Menkens from your Ashmans?

Got every line and lyric of The Little Mermaid memorised?

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain…

and paint with all the colours of the wind?

Well then, have I got the quiz for you! With just twenty questions, I’m here to crush every so-called Disney fan’s delusions by testing them to their very limits. Be warned – these aren’t your average, everyday Disney questions! If you can get all twenty of these (without cheating), then I salute you, ‘cause you’re a genuine, top-of-the-line, true-blue Disney fan. Answers are provided at the bottom, but I’d better not catch you scrolling down before you’re finished!

(Seriously, though, this is all in good fun; I hope you find this a fun challenge!)


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1. Which of these Disney voice actors was born first?
a) Verna Felton
b) Otis Harlan
c) Christian Rub
d) Lucille La Verne


2. Which of these films did artist Mary Blair not work on?
a) Fantasia
b) Saludos Amigos
c) Cinderella
d) Peter Pan


Bambi final shot

3. Who wrote the novel that inspired Bambi?
a) Felix Adler
b) Felix Kjellberg
c) Felix Salten
d) Felix Baumgartner


Dancing hepcats

4. What is the next line of this song from Make Mine Music? “Now drop your jack in the old juke box, play your favourite disc…”
a) “Come on down to the old sock hop, and maybe steal a kiss!”
b) “The party’s swingin’ all night long, it’s a date you cannot miss!”
c) “When you dance with the bobby socks, you dance at your own risk!”
d) “Hit the floor, don’t hesitate, and have a gay old frisk!”


5. Which film is the song Twas Brillig from?
a) Cinderella
b) Alice in Wonderland
c) Lady and the Tramp
d) The Sword in the Stone



6. Who composed the ballet upon which Sleeping Beauty was based?
a) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
b) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
c) Igor Stravinsky
d) Sergei Rachmaninoff


Black Cauldron titleBlack Cauldron scenery #6

7. Who composed the score for The Black Cauldron?
a) Buddy Baker
b) Henry Mancini
c) J.A.C. Redford
d) Elmer Bernstein


Ariel's sisters

8. Here are Ariel’s sisters – can you name the one on the middle right?
a) Attina
b) Aquata
c) Arista
d) Andrina


Marahute in her nest

9. Who supervised the animation of Marahute in The Rescuers Down Under?
a) Glen Keane
b) Eric Goldberg
c) John Pomeroy
d) Nik Ranieri


10. Which Kenyan national park inspired the design of the Pride Lands in The Lion King?
a) Amboseli National Park
b) Hell’s Gate National Park
c) Mount Kenya National Park
d) Masai Mara National Park


Quasi with Esmeralda on balcony

11. How old is Quasimodo during the events of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
a) 16
b) 18
c) 20
d) 22


Hercules scenery #2

12. Which artist was the primary influence on the design of Hercules?
a) Al Hirschfeld
b) Ronald Searle
c) Mike Mignola
d) Gerald Scarfe


Mulan makes her decision

13. What type of flower does Fa Zhou compare Mulan to?
a) Lily
b) Lotus
c) Magnolia
d) Tulip


Strangers Like Me imagery #5

14. In Strangers Like Me, which of these Victorian devices does Tarzan not use?
a) A sewing machine
b) A penny-farthing
c) A zoetrope
d) A magic lantern


Lilo's friends need to be punished

15. Although unspoken in the original film, what is Lilo’s last name?
a) Kalama
b) Hale
c) Mahelona
d) Pelekai


16. Which of these characters did David Ogden Stiers (RIP) not voice?
a) Fenton Harcourt
b) Jumba Jookiba
c) Amphitryon
d) Governor Ratcliffe


Treasure Planet scenery #6

17. What is the name of the ship Jim sails on in Treasure Planet?
a) RLS Latency
b) RLS Lunacy
c) RLS Literacy
d) RLS Legacy


Kristoff takes Anna to castle

18. Which culture does Frozen’s Kristoff belong to?
a) Iñupiat
b) Chukchi
c) Sámi
d) Yupik


Big Hero 6 together

19. In what year did the comic book characters of Big Hero 6 make their debut?
a) 1997
b) 1998
c) 1999
d) 2000


Maui did not see that coming

20. Which constellation do Polynesians know as Maui’s fishhook?
a) Scorpius
b) Orion
c) Pisces
d) Aquarius


Now, to keep you separated from the answers, here are some of my favourite derp faces:

Peter's derp faceSergeant Tibbs derp faceMowgli derp faceRabbit's derp faceHercules derp faceTarzan - it must be love


1. b) Otis Harlan (1865) – La Verne is from 1872, Rub is from 1886 and Felton is from 1890.
2. a) Fantasia – Blair only joined the studio in 1940, towards the end of that film’s production. While she did do some concept work for a segment called “Baby Ballet”, this did not end up being featured in the final film.
3. c) Felix Salten – Adler was a screenwriter, Kjellberg is a Youtuber and Baumgartner is a daredevil.
4. c) “When you dance with the bobby socks, you dance at your own risk!” – You don’t know how hard it was to write plausibly “forties” fake lines…
5. b) Alice in Wonderland – Just one of over twenty songs crammed into the film.
6. a) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Music by the other listed composers was used (or considered for use) in earlier Disney films.
7. d) Elmer Bernstein – All three of the other composers also worked on Disney films in the eighties.
8. c) Arista – She is the second-youngest after Ariel and may have been named after Arista Records.
9. a) Glen Keane – Animation legends, one and all, but Keane in particular has a real talent for animal characters.
10. b) Hell’s Gate National Park – natural wonders like Fischer’s Tower provided particular inspiration for set pieces like Pride Rock.
11. c) 20 – “Now, I’m going to do what I should have done, twenty years ago!”
12. d) Gerald Scarfe – Hirschfeld influenced Aladdin, Searle influenced One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and Mignola influenced Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
13. c) Magnolia – Mulan’s name actually refers to the magnolia in Mandarin.
14. a) A sewing machine – In addition to the listed devices, Tarzan is also seen looking at an orrery (a model solar system).
15. d) Pelekai – the name can be made out on the license she gets from the animal shelter.
16. c) Amphitryon – Hercules’ adoptive father was voiced by Hal Holbrook.
17. d) RLS Legacy – Imagine if it had been the RLS Lunacy!
18. c) Sámi – Kenai from Brother Bear is of the Iñupiat culture.
19. b) 1998 – Big Hero 6 was first intended to appear in Alpha Flight #17 (December 1998). Instead, the team appeared in their own self-titled, three-issue miniseries by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Gus Vasquez. However, due to scheduling complications, the miniseries was published prior to Alpha Flight #17.
20. a) Scorpius – In Greek mythology, Scorpio was frequently connected to Orion; one story told that the pair were first made Gods after attracting Zeus’s attention during a valiant fight against one another.


How’d you do? If you need to brush up, why not have a browse through my Disney reviews – you’ll find most of the answers there. For any of you who got a full twenty out of twenty, congratulations: you’re just as big of a Disney nerd as I am! Thanks for playing, and I’ll see you again soon (my First Thoughts review of The Incredibles 2 will be coming soon, as it’s about to open in the UK).


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